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Hey!! these are some really good tips on planning a family reunion... and yes... deciding upon the budget is extremely critical... as sometimes... this even raises conflicts... and yup!! include only those members in the guest list whom u are sure off attending the celebrations... coz...mostly at reunions people tend to promise and then they don't turn up...

We were looking for options this summer as everyone seems to be strapped financially. I appreciate your time and service in compiling this for us. Thanks

Thanks for the tip. Planning these sort of things are really time consuming and I think you just made it that much easier :)

I think it is SO important to "plan games that can be enjoyed regardless of budget". I am continually amazed at families that charge $70- $130.00 per person to attend their reunion. I know I couldn't afford to attend.

Sometimes a reunion at a park or campground is more work than booking a hotel or cruise ship but isn't it worth having ALL your family attend- not just those that can afford the reunion fees?

I have a reunion planning web page that can help families plan their next family reunion or family get-together. Not just a "planner", but actual ideas, schedules and templates to make your next reunion memorable - meant to inspire and guide your reunion planning.

On my site, you can download a free reunion sing-a-long book, and instructions for building a "Human Foosball" court. Read my blog and find out how to add "silliness" to your meal with a "Wheel of Doom" and don't forget to check out the ice breaker games.

Good luck on your next family reunion!


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