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Tips for Group Golf Trips

Golf is one sport that you can play year-around... at least if you're willing to travel.  So, there's always an opportunity to get out the clubs and enjoy the sunny fairways on a challenging course. It's tee time somewhere.

Tips for planning a memorable golf trip with friends:

  • Reserve your tee times before you leave home. If you plan nothing else, plan ahead on this. It's no fun waiting around for a tee time if you want to be first to tee off.
  • Make sure your rental car has enough capacity to pack in all your clubs and luggage. The best bet is a minivan or a full-size SUV. Plan ahead and match the vehicle(s) capacity to your group size.
  • Save money and double your fun by sharing hotel/condo rooms. Your golf trip instantly becomes more memorable when you share sleeping space. It makes the trip more like camp. Take ear plugs in case your roomie snores.
  • Pre-arrange a second daily activity. For some of you, this is another 18 rounds. But, most people want a break at least half of one day. Consider a sightseeing activity/tour or fit in time for "required" shopping for those left at home.
  • Set an overall budget and stick to it. This will help you from overspending and regretting it later. It will also help you think about how many top Zagat restaurants you want to visit. You can easily coordinate food and meal preferences among your group using TripHub.
  • Get a massage. Golf and spa often go hand in hand as many golf destinations are also spa havens. If you're traveling to a golf resort, chances are you'll find a premier spa on site. Unwind from an active day of swinging clubs with a pampering massage (or a quick short neck/shoulder chair massage if you're on a budget).
  • Throw in a swimsuit. Ahhh... it just might help to soak in the hot tub after those seldom-used muscles are re-discovered.


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