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Vacation with Friends, without Your Mate

Ladies, long to spend a get-away weekend of massages and wine-tasting with your friends? Guys, want to play unlimited golf with your old college friends guilt-free on vacation? Even while you’re in a relationship, it can be important to get some space.

Maintaining friendships outside of a relationship are often healthy ways to sustain not only the friendships, but your relationship or marriage. How comfortable are you taking off to join friends on a vacation without your honey? What are the best types of vacations with your friends vs. your mate?

Dr. Ruth Peters, Ph. D., in an article on MSNBC, offers advice to anyone considering taking a separate vacation from their spouse or partner. She also notes that “there is safety in numbers — group travel is significantly more secure than traveling alone, especially in locations foreign to you.”

Traveling with friends in a group is a safe way to go exploring and return home feeling rejuvenated, ready to share the excitement of your travels and plan the next vacation with your sweetie.

What works? Any tips on ways to get away with friends, while still preserving happy coupledom? Any ideas for group "girls only" or "guys only" get-aways? Post a comment below.


Travel with groups is great, but make sure that they are people who don't mind if you decide to do your own thing here and there. Being attached at the hip can get old, but it's great to have someone to tell about your experiences, had together or alone.

Oh, and if you have a feeling that something is not right with the group, work it out beforehand or change the group's constituency. It's your trip...

I'm heading off to Germany next month for the World Cup, and I'm leaving my gal behind. Frankly, she doesn't know the obsessive, soccer fanatic side of me, and I'm just as happy she's not going to witness 30 days of it! Instead, I'm going with one of my soccer buddies, and meeting another old friend in Geneva where she lives. Yup, she. The trip isn't so much gender-specific as it is activity specific. But so often in this culture the method we choose to relax varies by gender.

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