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What's a Trip "Hub"?

Imagine having your own Web home page for a trip where you and everyone invited can all go to coordinate and communicate plans for the family reunion, wedding, bachelor party, baby shower, college reunion or any other group gathering that involves people traveling.

The "hub" of your group trip is an Internet space mainly for the trip planner, but also the travelers, to convene online and simplify the trip planning process.

I recently used TripHub for planning a friend’s baby shower when several guests would be flying in for the occasion. From the trip hub page, it’s easy to:

  • Discuss hotel options online and book a hotel within the same page (it’s quite convenient that way – more on how this works in a later post)
  • Book flights (or if guests already have flights booked, enter in their itinerary info to coordinate picking people up at the airport or sharing car rentals)
  • Book activities in the city or region
  • Rent a car (or multiple cars)
  • Track who’s coming (RSVPs), track money owed (if applicable) and send messages whenever you need (to everyone invited or a select few)
  • Edit group trip details (i.e., description, dates, etc.) as the trip planning progresses
  • Add and change the group trip photo anytime (there’s a standard graphic, but I chose to add a photo of flowers for the baby shower as a nod to spring buds and new life… just a nice photograph for me and my friends to look at when we arrive at our trip "hub" and also because I didn’t have any baby photos).


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