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6 Must-See Pre-Wedding Movies

Whether you're engaged to be married or plan to attend (or be in) a wedding soon, one great way to prep for the big day is to rent films that imitate life, summoning the flavor of organizing, planning, and producing weddings and all the mental and emotional hoopla that goes with them.

I've noticed some important wedding themes that many movies do a good job of addressing. Here they are:

1. The Graduate
Wedding issue addressed: parental "involvement" gone very bad

2. Much Ado About Nothing
Wedding issues addressed: misunderstandings and fixing up friends

3. Runaway Bride
Wedding issues addressed: cold feet and Julia Robert's character's insecurities

4. My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding
Wedding issues addressed: being Greek, eating lamb, multi-cultural weddings, family melodrama... couldn't this also be Italian, Jewish and a number of other weddings?

5. A Midsummer Night's Dream
Wedding issues addressed: outdoor settings and wedding fantasies

6. My Best Friend's Wedding
Wedding issues addressed: being secretly in love with the groom or bride, how hot Dermot Mulroney looks in a tuxedo and Julie Robert's character's insecurities

Any other movies that shed unique perspectives on issues related to weddings or marriage? Post a comment below. Don't be shy.


Monsoon Wedding is another good one. See: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0265343/

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