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10 Reasons to Plan a Family Reunion Cruise

Family Reunion Planning Guide

Gathering the generations together at one time is challenging. So many siblings, grandchildren, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and in-laws. 

But family bonds grow stronger, stories accumulate, shared activities unite all age groups, and celebratory occasions (Uncle Bob's 50th birthday, etc.) entertain, making family reunions worth every ounce of effort.

Simplify the planning process with these family reunion tips and free the planning guru within.

Family Reunion Checklist 101: Budget, Guest List, Dates
Congratulations, you've just volunteered - or been volunteered - to organize your next family reunion. Dozens of relatives are counting on you. Don't stress out. Early essential steps will lead you to success (and peace of mind).

Checklist 102: Location, Accommodations, Activities
Location. Location. Location. And all other critical considerations you simply can't forget. Where will guests stay? What will the main events or activities be? These big ticket items set the pace, timeline, structure (and budget) for any family reunion.

The Art of Delegation
Delegate projects, tasks, "to do" lists with pizzaz and be an expert family reunion project manager by sharing the responsibility. No one is an island.

Make Every Communiqué Count
He said. She said. Who's on first? Communication is vital for a family reunion to succeed and that starts the very first day of planning. Here are tips to avoid over or under-communicating.

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Great site for group travel.

The best site I've come across for family trip advice and reviews is It should definitely be listed in your "best of the web" list. I recently planned a reunion using this site and that site together, and found it was a great match.

Funny, I also just used TripHub in conjunction with Wejustgotback, when I was planning a big family trip in Florida with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law's families. Six adults, eight kids from age 1 to 13, lots of differing wishes and expectations (and budgets--nuff said). The two sites are a good combo. When still deciding where to go, I like the reviews on Wejustgotback--no PR hype; very consumerish. I love how they tell you what is available for each age group! It helps you avoid big disappointments when you get to your destination--I hate surprises when I travel with kids. Then, for the organizing/coordinating stage, TripHub is really awesome and SOOO easy.

I agree, this is a great site!

Todd D.

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