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Sunscreen Tips for Travelers

No matter what kind of vacation is on your itinerary - family reunion, bachelor party, wedding of your dreams, high school or college reunion, or camping with lifelong friends, sun burns while playing and splashing around in the happy sun are part of every trip.

Here's the skinny on how to best protect your skin from a new site for anti-aging techniques called RealSelf. Sunscreen is one of the most widely used methods of protecting skin from the sun's rays. Little-known SPF insights from RealSelf include:

Ratings above SPF 30 do little if anything to provide further protection, which has led the Food and Drug Administration to examine unrealistic claims about sunscreen.

Labeling is key. To block out as many as 98% of UVA rays, you should choose a sunscreen with any of these FDA-approved ingredients:

  • Titanium dioxide
  • Zinc oxide
  • Avobenzone

More tips for decoding SPF and choosing the right sunscreen for you. Here's to youthful skin, and vacations filled with youthful activities!


Thx for the tip. You may also want to check out new fabrics that block UV light. I saw an Ex Officio shirt that promises to do this (and ward off bugs!).

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