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Mancations? You heard it right. Gadling reported on a trend CNN recently wrote about, and one TripHub has known about for a while - guys getaways, apparently now also referred to as mancations. (Men, are you cool with this term? Sounds a little goofy to me, but then again girls getaway probably sounds equally as goofy.)

Groups of guys with old friends from high school and college (or just life) traveling together is a growing trend indeed, if nothing else, evident from hotels and resorts catering to men only groups with such testosterone-infused packages including things like:

  • poker parties
  • hand-rolled cigars
  • buckets of beer
  • sports tickets
  • race car driving
  • "man-friendly" spa treatments

Keeping in touch is important and doing so while traveling (away from the girls) is a way to bond in ways you can't do as a couple. I can vouch that my girls getaways (goofy as that trendy little name sounds for a vacation) are a God-send when it comes to staying connected to friends. Especially when you're increasingly busy post-college with work and life.

P.s., clearly, other bloggers think the term mancation is as ridiculous as I do. However, the concept is sound. Guys do travel together, label or no label. Take a look at what other bloggers are saying about the new travel industry invention of the term mancation


[CAVEAT: If bachelors think this is their idea of a perfect fishing trip, heaven help the brides to be. Honestly, guys. You should check with your buddies to see if this style of fishing trip actually suits their tastes. My guess is it ain't for every man.
--Yours in "mancation" idealism,
Jocelyn, Group Trip Advisor blog editor]

If anyone is interested in seeing what one version of a Mancation looks like - Then you should check out Hook & Hooker Costa Rica Fishing.

It's is a Costa Rica sportfishing charter designed by men for men. Hook & Hooker specializes in Mens group travel. It's what "Mancations" are all about.


Strippers, good. Golf, also good. Check out Chambers Bay on your next mancation. It's a gorgeous track, and this summer you can check out the US Amateur.

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