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Outward Bound for Groups

Outward Bound has an excellent reputation for putting individuals and groups into wilderness adventures that challenging them while helping them grow and bond. If you are part of a club or team and looking for a way to share an unusual outdoors experience and come back united, this is a great option. I've never done it myself, but have heard nothing but praise from those who have.

These are the types of groups they cater to:

  • Students, teachers, and school administrators
  • College alumni
  • Clubs and associations
  • Religious organizations
  • Sports teams
  • Family reunions
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Friends and colleagues
  • And other groups

Across the U.S., Outward Bound expedition leaders take groups backpacking, kayaking, sailing, dogsledding, and camping.

If you have experience with Outward Bound, please share your thoughts or tips. We'd love to hear!


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