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Travel Carnival 7: Surprising Joy When Traveling

If happiness is where you find it, and traveling inevitably brings surprises, then you can likely expect surprising joy while you travel. The 7th carnival of travel brings many perspectives on travel and the element of surprise.

  • Running in Edinburgh, Joe D. writes about whim and the provocative nature of mountains. Without a map and water, he is drawn toward Edinburgh's highest peak. 
  • Why travel to France? PT Ford offers an illuminating historical, artistic, and anthropological reason to see the "Sistine Chapel of Pre-History," a discovery he (and others before him) made of The Lascaux Cave in Southwest France.
  • Vineeta gives great reason to pilgrimage to the great Machu Picchu in his article Take a Deep Breath, You're in Peru. She says, "Nothing you know about Machu Picchu prepares you for the actual experience of being there."
  • Joe K. presents the surprising joy found on Saturna Island, saying, "The least populous of British Columbia's southern Gulf Islands, Saturna is a quiet and scenic getaway. What it lacks in people and businesses, it makes up for in character." I'm so there... next year maybe? Seriously, on my two-week boat trip to the San Juans, we talked of heading to the Gulf Islands next year.
  • Kelly at Öğretmen says, "I was in India with a friend this summer. The Indian railroad turned out to be wonderful experience...." Her journey shows how a railway ticket on the Nethravathi Express was her best (albeit silent) tour guide.
  • Surfer Sam goes on a group trip with friends Hiking the Grand Canyon in Flagstaff, Arizona and discovers a "taste of Eden."
  • Melissa tunes us in to the surprising pros of business travel as a Road Gladiator. 
  • Although Renata dislikes the Parisian treatment of tourists (I wonder if she speaks any French?), she does fall for the quintessential attractions that make Paris famous. On her family trip to the "end of the world," Renata travels to Ushuaia, at South America's tip, and sees snow for the first time in her life. The photos are impressive.
  • A Parenthesis: Vacation In Hawaii is Ming's version of finding her inner spirit and being one with her true self. An interesting perspective on reflections of how we perceive the world and how we experience it.

These don't fall into the surprising joy theme, but have value nonetheless:

Thanks for participating and reading this edition of the carnival of travel.



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