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Can't leave home without Fido? Love your cat and want her to see the world and smell new air? Pet travel is becoming an increasingly popular concept. Rest assured that wherever you travel, pets are welcome in more cities than you'd imagine.

Think of the possibilities. Your dog roaming through vineyards with you and your pals in Walla Walla, Washington or accompanying you at a B&B in the French countryside, you sipping French wine, the dog lapping up French water. The possibilities are endless. has a U.S.-specific list of pet-friendly hotels, plus dog park info and a list of top destinations for dog lovers who travel. Who says group travel only includes humans?



When we go on vacation, we often take our dog, because the cost of boarding him often exceeds the cost of bringing him. In many cases, though, searching for a pet-friendly hotel is a huge time sink. Consequently, thanks for the link!

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