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Need Help Planning a Large Gathering? Act like a Pro

Organizing a large family reunion, destination wedding or meeting is a lot of work, and the process can quickly become overwhelming. Where to hold the event? How much space is needed? Which facilities can accommodate the group? Who are the good caterers and other service providers in the area? What should be on the menu?

Corporate meeting and event planners do this every day for the most demanding customers in the travel business. And thanks to MiMegasite you can benefit from many of their tips and tools, even if your budget doesn’t include professional planning help.

Read articles on food and beverage planning. Gain insight on new and improved facilities and activities in their destination guides. Use the meeting space planner to determine your square footage requirements. Looking for space options in San Francisco? The facility search tool has information and links for over 900 options, which you can narrow down based on room requirements. Photographers in Phoenix? The supplier search tool has contact and other information for 54 of them as well as recommendations in 46 other supplier categories.

Getting started is often the hardest part, and MiMegasite lowers that hurdle so you can focus on making the right choices for your group.

Happy Holidays!

Dear Fellow Traveler,

The holidays are upon us!  We at TripHub send our warmest wishes for a safe and happy holiday season and a joyous new year.

Remember it's never too early to begin planning your 2007 travel.  Roughly two-thirds of TripHub's customers are planning 2+ months in advance.  In fact, we're seeing some groups planning more than 12 months out!  What's that old saying about early birds and worms? Start planning your trip now to help ensure greater availability in lodging and transportation, and to get your event scheduled before calendars fill up.

The holidays are a great time to plan trips with family and friends. Whether you're pulling together a ski get-away, an unforgettable spring break, or a memorable summer reunion, check out these articles for useful tips and ideas:

  • Ski Guide for Groups includes check lists, top ski resorts, ski trivia, and other links to the best of the Web

  • Family Reunion Planning Guide includes extensive tips to make sure your reunion planning efforts yield lasting memories. (Note: Useful for brides and grooms too!)

  • Art of Delegation includes sage advice on how to get others involved so they can share the planning responsibilities for any type of group trip.

Happy Holidays!


9th Carnival of Travel: Potpourri

'Tis the season to have as random of an assortment of travel subjects as appetizers you can cram on a holiday plate. The 9th carnival of travel is a mix of topics. Here goes!

Travel Companions: 3 amazing stories

  • Rich Peluso presents You Eat What You Kill. I loved these words of wisdom from a father traveling to Rome with his family. His search for meaning in the everyday is poignant. A contemplative passage.
  • Michelle presents Considering A Cruise?. It is hilarious to venture into the mind of a cruiser and hear her internal dialogue about the hypothetical lives of fellow passengers.
  • Kelly Vaughan presents Fotoğraf Kıraathanesi saying, "Sometimes we have to seek out new companions, and through this, we see things we never would have seen." A camera. A will to meet others. And an unusual journey with a group of flickr photographers.

Travel as Inspiration: thought-provoking tales

  • Ian MacKenzie presents 12 Personal Travel Websites That Will Make You Quit Your Day Job. Inspirational travel quotes from those taking the road less traveled and loving every step, pedal, and flight of it.
  • Michelle presents Green Retreats For Scrooge. A wonderful compilation of green retreat vacation spots. Most of them can accommodate groups and all offer environmentally-friendly accommodations (alternative energy, recycling, gray water for watering plants, etc.).

Rants and Warnings: comic and tragic truths of travel

Travel Tips: miscellaneous nuggets of wisdom

  • Jenin presents How to Enjoy St. Lucia On A Budget. If you think St. Lucia might be in your travel planning future, here are budget ideas.
  • Alvaro presents Well-Deserved Break: Top 10 Brain Teasers saying, "How does one travel inside one's mind, and navigate through brain structures and assumptions? Well, here's one option: try these well-designed and explained brain teasers. Most of them good to print and do while traveling."

That's all for this edition. Theme for the upcoming January 15th edition is Outdoor Adventures.

8th Carnival of Travel: Inspiration

With both winter weather woes and holiday cheer running rampant in December, the 8th carnival of travel is devoted to inspiration. Many of the posts below serve as ideas for group travel destinations or attractions and shining examples of why we travel.

Grab a cup of Chai, tea, or coffee and enjoy the latest travel carnival.

  1. Joe Kissell presents The Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers: Interesting Thing of the Day, saying, "An 11th-century Parisian abbey later became the home of a fantastic museum of arts and trades, which is to say, mostly inventions. But the exhibits aren't the only interesting things about the building." This "holy grail for invention lovers" holds Foucault's Pendulum. Ooooh, I'm intrigued.
  2. Tim Abbott presents Wild at Heart, illuminating "inspiration in wild places, large and small" whether trekking in the tracks of elephants or following children's feet. A reflective gem of an article.
  3. Pam Mandel presents Wien, Wien, Nur Du Allein as an ode to falling in love with Vienna, imagined. Poetically crafted prose.
  4. Kelly Vaughan presents To Know Is to Remember That You've Seen; to See Is to Know Without Remembering saying, "Kapadokya (Cappadocia), an enchanting kaleidescope of weird geology, Christian saints, stone houses, underground cities, clay pot kebaps, tumbling pigeons, snake-design carpets, temperamental hairdressers, hot air balloons, phallic symbols, fairytales, fireplaces, and tavla. It's hard to know where to begin." Beautiful photos accompany this inspiring Turkey travelogue.
  5. Jennifer Miner presents St. John Eco-travel and Eco-tourism and shares the extent of environmental volunteer work being done to keep Caribbean island St. John green.
  6. Joe Donnachie presents Paul's Bike Ride from Italy to London - Part One. This first part of a 650-mile epic ride through the Alps, the French countryside, and ultimately home to the UK is inspiring for athletes or adventurous travelers alike.
  7. Maureen O'Brien presents Lake Tahoe Vacation, with numerous stunning photos from her family's recent homeschool educational trip. Nice to see a homeschool mom take the kids to areas around the country to sights they've studied.

Travel tip entries from other bloggers

That concludes the 8th edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition (theme: travel companions).