8th Carnival of Travel: Inspiration
Happy Holidays!

9th Carnival of Travel: Potpourri

'Tis the season to have as random of an assortment of travel subjects as appetizers you can cram on a holiday plate. The 9th carnival of travel is a mix of topics. Here goes!

Travel Companions: 3 amazing stories

  • Rich Peluso presents You Eat What You Kill. I loved these words of wisdom from a father traveling to Rome with his family. His search for meaning in the everyday is poignant. A contemplative passage.
  • Michelle presents Considering A Cruise?. It is hilarious to venture into the mind of a cruiser and hear her internal dialogue about the hypothetical lives of fellow passengers.
  • Kelly Vaughan presents Fotoğraf Kıraathanesi saying, "Sometimes we have to seek out new companions, and through this, we see things we never would have seen." A camera. A will to meet others. And an unusual journey with a group of flickr photographers.

Travel as Inspiration: thought-provoking tales

  • Ian MacKenzie presents 12 Personal Travel Websites That Will Make You Quit Your Day Job. Inspirational travel quotes from those taking the road less traveled and loving every step, pedal, and flight of it.
  • Michelle presents Green Retreats For Scrooge. A wonderful compilation of green retreat vacation spots. Most of them can accommodate groups and all offer environmentally-friendly accommodations (alternative energy, recycling, gray water for watering plants, etc.).

Rants and Warnings: comic and tragic truths of travel

Travel Tips: miscellaneous nuggets of wisdom

  • Jenin presents How to Enjoy St. Lucia On A Budget. If you think St. Lucia might be in your travel planning future, here are budget ideas.
  • Alvaro presents Well-Deserved Break: Top 10 Brain Teasers saying, "How does one travel inside one's mind, and navigate through brain structures and assumptions? Well, here's one option: try these well-designed and explained brain teasers. Most of them good to print and do while traveling."

That's all for this edition. Theme for the upcoming January 15th edition is Outdoor Adventures.


Wow- you did a great job summarizing the posts! Your commentary really encouraged me to visit several of them more so than if I just read the post title. Great job!


Thanks, DR. Glad you dove into new territory. I thoroughly enjoy reading the carnival submissions myself - yours was a wonderful piece! Cheers.

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